Friday, 12 October 2018

Rain and Storms

Finally, the rains have come and my lawn is growing! Last night, we had plenty of rain, and yesterday afternoon, we had a storm - the first of many I hope.

However, I heard that Kingaroy and Toowoomba had tornado warnings and were pelted with hail and huge destructive storms. How dreadful!

Those storms went around Logan City and most of us here in Brisbane, and all we got was some thunder and windy rain. Today and for the rest of the weekend and next week, we're supposed to get plenty of rain. So, this morning, I put out some lawn food onto my lawn for when it rains today. 

The temperatures have dropped markedly compared to yesterday - which was almost 30C - and I am just taking it easy with the garden. I've not mowed the new lawn until it gets over 5cm long... which will help it stay and grow nice and lush over Summer.

But otherwise one of my Agapanthus is pushing out a lovely flower stalk and the others have yet to get in and do that - but I'm patient, they'll catch up. The tomatoes are ripening on the black cherry tomato vine and the Sauce-Maker tomatoes are going well... but there's not many on there - only two lots of flowers came out and fruited. Well, that's okay for my first season - I'm still learning to grow them. 

Truthfully, I think I need a bigger greenhouse to grow bigger and more plants. Now, that'd be a great thing, right?

Anyway, now the rains are here, I've been leaving buckets out to collect rain for the green house so the tomatoes and herbs get a feed of Mother Nature like my garden does. 

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Flourishing In Every Way!

My garden is growing so well since I jumped into it this Winter and fixed it up!

The Frangipani's are putting out new leaves - and the taller one next to the fence has begun to put out new flowers; which means new branches are coming up this year!

My Agapanthus has put out its first shoot for a flower just the other day... it's only about 3cm long, and you can barely see it, but it's there! And these ones are purple!

The greenhouse is really chugging along so well! The Sauce-Maker Tomatoes are fruiting and it's not yet its full size! How's that's for a happy plant? And the Black Cherry Tomato Vine is going great too! I've been eating the ones I've gotten off the vine lately in salads... delicious little things!

And just yesterday - after months of eying off the Tahitian Lime Trees at the Rochedale Fruit Markets - I finally caved and bought one! Yep, now this Summer, I'll be harvesting myself some great limes instead of buying them! I can't wait! 

Well, that's all for now about that garden - except I've had to reseed the lawn in the bare patches. The thing is with that is that a pigeon has begun to come by and eat all the lawn seed... that greedy little bird! Well, can't win 'em all! 

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Spring Has Sprung!

Well, in the past week, things have begun to spring from the dull-looking plants in my garden. After over 3 months of renovations, back-filling and replacing of plants and pots, I've finally gotten the lawn to start growing.

Well, kinda!

Anyway, my Frangipani has pushed out its first leaves the fluorescents - and it's not yet November, when it normally does this. My Black Cherry Tomatoes have had their first lot of deliciousness... and the other 30 or so are about to ripen in the greenhouse. I also noticed the 'Sauce-Maker' tomato has put out its first little tomato and I squished my first pest on it - which I jumped into action and sprayed the plant with a washing up detergent and water mix... to keep the little buggers off! 

I was thinking of using White Oil, but on the can, it said it wasn't suitable for Tomatoes, so, I thought the detergent would be more environmentally suitable.

The Agapanthus are sitting up nice and high, ready to shoot out their flower stems - and I can't wait! they've divided again and I've got around 8 plants which have been dividing up with each other since I received the first one about 10 years ago from the neighbour over the back fence who thought it was a weed... when I was offered it, I jumped at owning one, seeing how expensive these plants are to buy new from Bunnings. And mine are purple!

The Camellia is looking wonderful too! It's really starting to grow. At first, I thought it was going to up and die on me. But when I had my Rose & Camellia Potting Mix, I knew I had to either buy one or the other... and a rose bush was going to be too fussy for me to care for, so a Camellia was it. Plus it was going to attract the bees to my garden in Summer... not a bad deal, right? 

I've yet to look around for more statues and garden ornaments to make it work in my favour of the literary garden... but I think I'll work it that way in time. First, I'll make it grow, and grow well. Then, I'll add the literary characters as time goes on.  

In the greenhouse, I've got lovely little pots of herbs growing so well, and have had to replace the Sweet Basil with Greek Basil, the latter of which grows the more you pick it. It's delicious with whatever you put it with - especially tomatoes and eggs, both of which are my favourite things to eat. 
And my Desert Rose is beginning to grow more and the Geraniums are starting to flower as well, with the protection of the greenhouse - so the possums can't get their little mitts on them. 

I do love Spring. It's when the garden wakes up from that deep sleep called Winter and lives again. The best thing about Spring is that I get to see it happen slowly every day I venture out into my garden.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

New Additions

I've been really happy with my little garden and it's successful face lift. But I just can't seem to leave it alone from one day to the next.

I want to do more improvements to it.

And you know, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

I've still got the pavers to put down to the fence, then, I've decided to put down some stones in front of the greenhouse door - as the grass just isn't growing there, so a stone pathway looks like the way to go with that, so I don't leave a dirt path in my way there. 

I've scored new plants and cuttings in recent days though. I visited a friend of mine not far from my place and she her and family had moved into their new place a few months ago - and I left them alone to let them settle in. Well, I arrived with a great ice coffee and food from a locally owned coffee place and we chatted. 
Then, she offered up cuttings off her succulent garden out the back! And Wow! There was so much to pick from! I came home with Fire Sticks, Bread and Butter cuttings, tiny jades, Baby Fingers... all kinds, and I love them all! I just don't have enough potting mix to put them in all the pots I have. But that's a task for next week! I also scored a staghorn - a lovely one - and it's now hanging up on the back fence along with other plants I have up there. 

I've also got the greenhouse filled with plants too! There's the two new plants I scored from Bunnings: The Sauce-Maker Tomato - which isn't the most attractive fruit around, but it makes incredible tomato sauce! And I also had to replace my Sweet Basil with Greek Basil; the difference being that the Sweet Basil dies off and the Greek Basil is a perennial; which I should have bought first off. 

Well, I got into the back yard this morning, mowed the longer lawn, got out the pitchfork and pushed holes into the patchier areas and then hosed it heavily to get it to grow thicker. Let's hope the rest of the lawn catched up with the first lot soon and looks great! Until my next post, happy gardening! 

Monday, 10 September 2018

Decent Rain

Well, after a week of resting up my foot, and some decent rain, the garden is going really well.

I bought a box of grass seed - and this stuff has blue seeds inside it. Yates put out this seed with a coating on it to deter the birds and stop them from eating it! It doesn't poison them, it just tastes bad. And I've seen the birds try to eat the seed - they spit it out, looking at the ground as though to ask 'what the hell was that?' Funny though. I wondered how many times the company go it wrong before it only tasted bad; and really, I didn't want to know.

Well, the seed it taking off, and I've mowed it the larger area which is lush and green a few times - it's just a matter of the rest of it to catch up now. 

The greenhouse is really happening.

My Oregano is gorgeous is bushy, so is the Thyme; they look wonderful and are delicious! And the Black Cherry Tomato Vine has been clipped, so it can put all its energy into ripening the fruit its got. I'm looking forward to harvesting them all - but I'm wondering if I have to buy a new plant next year, or does it refruit? I'm going to have to find out when it all happens, I guess.

Well, I'm off to make a doctor's appointment. You see, I think I'm allergic to a bamboo mahl stick a fellow artist gave me today. First off, my hands began to bleed and I didn't think much of it... after wrapping it up in paper tape, I came home and showered to stop any other further allergic reaction I may have. However I'm starting to itch all over now - not a good sign. I really hope I'm not allergic to bamboo. Anyway, happy gardening. 

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Resting A Little

Well... I'm resting after breaking a toe. Yeah... sounds tiny, but those things on the ends of feets can be the most delicate of things at the best of times.

I'm so glad the lawn has grown through. I got the Green and Feed onto it and trimmed back some of the leaves in the greenhouse so the fruit of the tomatoes could ripen properly before I turned into a complete clutz and hurt myself.

The solar lights are charging up properly and they're looking great at night. I'm so pleased with them - but I'm looking forward to getting more literary-themed items in the garden, which is great! I've also thought of 'Little Red Riding Hood' (wolf) and 'Hansel & Gretel' (the gingerbread house)... I can't wait to get in and find those things around the places I would normally find them over the next year. 

Yeah, I'm giving myself a year or so to find those items and really make my garden into what it's going to turn into. You know, it'll be a really great thing to see its bigger transformation; as we all know that when you really want something to happen, it's when you can wait for it to happen and be patient enough for the right things to show up at the right times that the garden (or whatever you're working towards) will work out well. 

I can't wait for the theme to make the garden into what it's going to become... and yes, it'll take time, but it's going to be a great waiting game for me, something I don't mind waiting for. Until my next post, happy gardening.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

A Fantasy Writer's Land

Okay, you'll think I'm in the wrong blog, but I'm not. You see, I love to write books and I love to get into the garden and get my hands dirty too - and thus I thought to combine the two together!

So, while I'm kicking back and waiting out my lawn, my imagination started working overtime with my garden and how the fun part of it should look. 

Seeing it's a small garden, I thought it should be looking like a nice little garden - which looks and feels bigger than it really is. So, I'm hoping to find a wardrobe door to attach to my garden gate (I'll just screw it onto the hinged part and have enough room to lock it up, not a problem) and it'll be tall enough that nobody can see over it. That will be something fun and cool to look for; and I'll see what I can do with the colour of it - see if I can paint it a nice dark stain to make it look interesting.

Now, I've already put a duck in a cage to signify 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings' and after posting the photo of it on Facebook and asking what the book of the photo is on a book site, people jumped in and knew it immediately. Some gardeners weren't too sure - or didn't want to play along. Otherwise, I'm hoping to make my garden a place where there's lovely plants and a place of fun too.
I'm also going to make a tall street signpost with fantasy lands I've read about in books all over it - pointing in the right directions - like the one they had in MASH. It ought to be fun to make that one! 

I've bought a deep white bucket with a lid - one my Dad calls a 'painting bucket' - from Bunnings for $14.00 and have put the kitchen composting scraps into it after the kitchen bin is full and the liquid from that kitchen composting bin is used like Seasol on the lawn (diluted with water in a watering can)... it's all coming together! 

I really can't wait to get in and work out the cool things for my garden. I might even get a few seagulls for 'The Birds'... or even a raven, paint the eyes red and put him somewhere around the garden - he may yet freak out the possums at night. Well, until my next post, happy gardening!

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Save A Little Money

Well, it's August, and I'm up to the stage where I can kick back and wait for the grass to grow - on a very literal standpoint. This is the part of the facelift I do enjoy in a garden - and I can't wait to get myself into a bigger garden so I have more to do; honestly, I get a little bored when it's cool enough to do more, and yet I don't have anything to actually do in the garden but wait. 

I have to wait for the lawn to establish itself enough so I can install the large stepping stones. This means I have to look into working on another project while I do. 

I've been planning on constructing a street sign reminiscent of the one from MASH - you know the one which was outside of 'The Swamp' with all the city and country names on the sign post? Well, yeah, that but I want one which will have all the made-up names from the books I've read; pointing in all the right directions (yep, even Neverland will be pointing upwards to the heavens - second star to the left - in the right direction). Seeing I'm a writer, and I do love my garden, it's only right for me to have part of my imagination in this garden. 

I've already put a book-style art piece in it; and it's worked out. I'm hoping to pop in more pieces of book-style art works around the place... now I just have to find a statue of a white rabbit to put next to the sign post and it'll really start to look like something out of a book! Until my next post, happy gardening!

Monday, 6 August 2018

Little Kitchen Composting

Last night, I pulled out a small bucket from my art gear, found a lid to fit it and made started putting my food scraps inside it. On the lid, I wrote: 'Compost' so I remember to put my food scraps and tea leaves inside it... might even get in and put a hole in one side and put it inside another one and make compost juice for the garden.

Sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? 

Well, I thought to post this little idea to see how it goes before I forget it. Until my next post, happy gardening.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Leveling Out

Well, it's the last month of the garden facelift and I'm so happy with what has happened in my back yard so far. 

1. The unwanted plants were pulled out and tossed - after I offered them to family and friends.

2. The shade area was sorted out; and I found plants I thought had died were still hiding out and alive! 

3. I bought a greenhouse from Bunnings and built it and started growing herbs and tomatoes again!

4. When my folks were at my place to help me out with building the greenhouse, I gave them 2 Agapanthus - as promised - and Mum loved them! 

5. I re-organised the garden so it would grow and look better; even put in a pathway to the back fence so I can get to the rain water gauge easily.

6. Bought new plants to replace the old, tossed-out ones to fill in spots which now lay bare.

Yep, I did a lot of work for such a small area; and now, I've just bought some cheap potting mix for $2.95 a bag to throw on the lawn to level out my wonky lawn... how cool is that? I really do think I need another bag though. But, that's okay. I'll get that and work it out as this month progresses. Once I get the lawn growing again, the garden will look lovely, lush and green again just in time for Spring and Summer. 

I still want to put in large stepping stones in it, but that may have to wait until next year... I'm not sure yet. Until my next post, happy gardening!