Friday, 11 August 2017

Reseeding the Lawn

I've been busily saving up money for a variety of things of late. But mainly, the lawn hasn't come back from what the Logan City Council guy did to it over Winter - when it's at its most fragile; and the sun doesn't get to it.

So, over the past two fortnights I've been buying lawn seed and lawn food to get it working and back to its lush best for Summer - and so I don't get bindis again too. 

This week, I bought a larger box of lawn seed and some lawn food as well, raked it over and spread the seed as much as I could, then put the food over the top and then watered it in as well. Now, to wait and see how it all goes. I'll have to water it on a regular basis and make sure it works out well. Once it's over 5 - 6cm long, I'll mow it and then keep on watering it again, throw more food on it and keep at it to make sure no weeds grow where lawn was before.

Otherwise, the weather has been weirdly August here. The nights are freezing cold and the days are beginning to feel like Summer - so my plants are pushing out flowers when they're supposed to be still hibernating. I'm also seeing Blue Tongue Lizards around during the day - and even accidentally kicked one the other night. Don't worry, he's okay. I picked him up and checked him over before letting him into the safety of my back yard. Poor little guy! But he wasn't too impressed by my actions, I can tell you!

Anyway, I best be going. There's not much more to tell about the gardening, as the lawn hasn't come in fully. I only reseeded it yesterday, but it's looking good. I might yet throw some bird seed on the bare patches to make it look better over Summer - as that's what I did with my late-bird's seed when she died. Until my next post, happy gardening! 

Friday, 14 July 2017

Been A While

I know it's been a little while. But there's a reason for this. 

The Logan City Council has been in my yard, pulling up the sewage lid and sending cameras down there to check out the way it all runs underground.

Gross, right?

Yep, I thought so too.

Anyway, the chemicals on the camera to kill the germs in the sewer have killed off most of my lawn - so I'm up for lawn seed just before Spring (it won't work in Winter as I don't get any sun in my yard over that season). And I'm now pulling out bindis by the handful - right on schedule - as they're growing green and in huge clusters around the lawn; but not near the clothesline.

More recently, I've been potting up plants that need it badly. And since we've been getting overnight showers once in a while here in Brisbane, they've been settling in really well. 

I bought that $16 pot and planted up that lovely Large Leaf Jade in it and it's taken quite well to it. I'm looking at the sun-loving Brom and have found its pup really needs a pot around the same size; so I'll be needing to get my butt back to Bunnings to score myself another pot around the same size, with more stones for drainage, and yep, more potting mix. this will take time and seeing I only deal in cash, I'm not in any big hurry to get it done.

I'm also hoping to work more on the Frangipani cuttings as they don't have enough potting mix to make them really sprout... so, they have to have more potting mix put into their pots; which I'll be doing this arvo.  And while I'm there, I'll pot up the other Small Leaf Jades into the pots I scored from the Logan City Council, so they're ready by Summer to sell or give away, or to place into bigger pots for the garden and make into money plants. 

My planning for the garden has been put back a month; and I hate that. But seeing it's so chilly lately, I'm glad to say that I'm able to work on the yard more. Until my next post, happy gardening. 

Friday, 30 June 2017

My First Bunnings Run For Winter

Today, I was out and about at Bunnings to get a large pot, a bag of stones and 3 bags of potting mix for my first project for Winter.

I'm repotting a pup from the main Large Leaf Jade that I've had growing in my yard for the past 15 years. I'm proud to say the smaller one I'm putting into its own 'Forever Pot' is going to look great! I can't wait for it to get its growth on, but this also means I'll have to move a few of the pots around to give the pot room along the fenceline. 

Anyway, the really big pot was only $16 and I'm thinking of going back to Bunnings and getting another one for the main Large Leaf Jade, as it looks straggly and the last time I backfilled it, it didn't seem to be all that happy after a few weeks. So, I do think it does need another, bigger, pot to really stretch its legs in. 

I'm potting up these two Jades so I have two big Jades to plant out at my next place I call home... then I have two large pots to use as herb pots around my garden. It's not a bad plan really, is it? 

Yep, everything I'm doing now is a precursor to the next few years of my life. The bigger pots will be used for little flowers or roses, or around the corners of my yard for individual, smaller plants - like smaller lime or lemon trees I can use around the place - and then, the next yard can be a mixture of planted and potted plants; simply because my next place of residence will be my forever home. I won't be moving from there. 

I only hope the next people who live in my place see the potential of the back yard like I did, and use it the same - or similar ways. Okay, the pots for the larger plants are getting bigger, but there are smaller plants which will be used later on in a few years. I'm only hoping I can put them in hanging baskets - but that's just something I have a vision of in my imagination. 

Or am I looking too far ahead with this? 

Oh well, we can all dream about the perfect garden, right? And this is why I love gardening... to get it right - eventually - no matter how long it takes me. So, how is your garden going? Have you had anything great happen?  

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Logan City Council Sewage Drain Fun

My lawn has been turned into mud over the past mud... and I can't do anything about it.

The Logan City Council has sent guys here to pull up the round sewage lid and send a camera down there to look around, assess it, and then reline the whole thing - if needs be. It takes hours out of the day each time; well, the last time didn't, but that was just a check-up.

So, I've had to move my repotting month to next month because of this unscheduled invasion to my yard.

I don't mind - mainly because I'm a little short on cash right now. Also, I've had to replace the hose connections because somebody I let use the tap connection once a month ago broke them. So, I've had to wait this long until I had the money to get the right brand and spend a good amount of money on them.

Anyway, this weekend, I'm going to get in and repot a few of the plants around the garden. I have to buy some potting mix, and a couple of bigger pots to make it all work out. I was hoping to make this year a more productive year in the garden, but I guess beggars can't be choosers. Until my next post, happy gardening.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Not Much Gardening Done

There hasn't been much to report because I haven't had much money to spend on the garden lately - also because the Logan City Council had to come in and reline the sewage lines too.

Not a pretty sight.

And they weren't all that dainty about my garden. The lawn is all muddy now, so it has to grow back; and seeing my yard doesn't get any sun in the Winter, that will take more time than usual. 

Anyway, I've had one bag of potting mix sitting near the back door and a collection of pots I scored from the Logan City Council for nothing to use around my yard waiting for me to do something with them. But with all this rain we've had - and that I've been off to art classes lately - I haven't had the time, energy or money to jump back into my garden. 

So, today, just when I was feeling my lowest - and the laryngitis I've had for the past few days has been at its worst - I noticed that one of the units down the way was getting a Frangipani pulled out of its front garden. 
Now, Franigpanis have a huge root system, and really shouldn't be planted in places where they can't spread out their roots. Unfortunately, this poor plant was starting to make problems for the building's foundations and had to come out. So, I asked the guy removing it if I could nab a few of the branches to use as cuttings and he said that I could 'go for it' that he was going to toss the whole thing anyway. 

Now, being a gardener, I would have transplanted that tree somewhere else - seeing it's about a decade old. But this guy was willing to waste a perfectly good tree. 

Well, I took my chosen branches away and potted them up. Don't they look wonderful? I think so. I can't wait to get them into the pots they deserve next Winter. Now... to save up the money to buy bigger pots for them.

I've also made a decision today that may tick off some people. I sometimes lend out things to the care taker or a neighour I trust here. Well, my care taker has broken my hose connection recently because he pushed it back onto the connector too hard and now I can't water my garden or wash my car. I'm not going to lend anything out to anyone anymore. Instead, I'm going to save up for a proper hose reel where it's attached properly with metal fittings and it can't be removed. I may even get it all changed into the back yard... I'll have to ask my landlord to see if they can help me with that. I'm just getting sick of things being broken around here and I have to foot the bill in replacing and fixing them. Until my next post, happy gardening.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Welcome Autumn/Fall

This is my all-time favourite time of year. Honest! I love this time of the year because it's nice and cold at night and warm during the day, and I can start planning what I need to do over Winter.

However this Winter, I've got my work cut out for me. 

Neighbours over my back fence threw feces over my fence and now I have to be very careful how I repot anything. I don't know if it was human or animal poo, but it was disgusting and no matter who I spoke to, nobody wanted to deal with it - and I had to clean it up. Living in a townhouse/unit complex, it's not my job to clean up this kind of thing; it the site manager's job. And he wouldn't do it.

So, this Winter, I have to wear rubber gloves, a mask and clothes I'm willing to part with if needs be. I know that sounds like I'm overthinking this, but really, I'm not.

Anyway, I've found that my sun-loving Bromeliad has got a pup. And this time around, I'm keeping the Mum - unlike last time where I tossed her out. Yes, I'm hoping to expand my garden more with plants I do love; and I love the sun-loving breed of this plant. 
And the Agapanthus has got a new pup now too. Now, instead of seven, I've got eight, thanks to all that rain we've gotten over the past couple of months. The Ficus is going well; and it loves being where it is, taking its time to stretch itself to the top of the fence; it's going onto its sixth month being here. 

Just last night, I spotted a possum sitting on the fence looking at me. He's a regular who walks along the fence, and so I went inside and grabbed him a couple of bananas (these were over-ripe ones I have sometimes) and pealed them for him, broke it in half and handed it to him. His little paw touched my hand as he took it from me... so cute! And I lined the side fence with the other broken pieces of the other banana. He spent the rest of the night eating those. Such a busy little guy. I feed him - and other possums - bananas because food becomes scarce at this time of year, and they start really fighting over the smallest things.  Well, until my next post, happy gardening.   

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Logan Floods Recovery

I didn't write about the floods here, mainly because my place didn't go under in them. I'm not in a flood plains and so I'm one of the fortunate ones.

However, a lot of people weren't so fortunate.

A lot of Beenleigh was flooded, as was Loganlea and any other areas below the Albert and Logan River levels. Yatala Pies went under (which caused them to create a few new pies in honor of Cyclone Debbie) and then there was the clean-up - which is still going on.

There are still people who don't have homes, who are still looking for beloved things they lost during this horrible time.

However, the gardens and a good part of Brisbane's gardens flourished with the rain we got. From my rain gauge, we got over 300ml of rain in just over 48 hours. That's huge! That's about a months' worth of rain in such a short length of time. We were prepared for it. We were told to take care if had to go out. Shops were closed on the first day of the rain by midday and no businesses or school was open by Friday morning (third day in). 

It's been around three weeks later, and school has started up again. Autumn is most definitely here with the cooler nights and warmer - but not hot - days. And yet, our gardens are still pretty. Yesterday, I found huge wasps nest on my down pipe just outside the window of my home office. I don't know how I missed something this huge hanging off my home, but I did. Isn't it a beauty? Well, my landlord is coming around to take care of it in the next day or so.

Otherwise, during the time of the rains, the Egyptian Sage has grown so much! And my Ficus is going so well! I've had to mow the lawn three times... but the Frangipani might need to be cut into two and repotted - I'm not sure. I'll see what I can do, it just seems to lean so much. Until my next post, happy gardening.

Friday, 10 March 2017

A Hell of a Summer

We have had a heat wave here in Australia; truly we have. Our gardens have suffered and I have seen pictures of what the heat looked like all over Facebook with quotes 'here's the Hellmouth, where's Buffy?'

But really, we did have a horrible time for the past 3 months; and I couldn't really do anything with my garden.

It was either too damned hot to get outside or it was raining. And once it stopped raining, it was twice as muggy and hot again. So, I lived in my home office decluttering the house bit by bit.

It hasn't been until the last two weeks where I've really looked at my garden for what I'll be doing this Winter. 
In the next few weeks, I'll be buying myself an edger from Bunnings (one I've been eying off for the past 6 months and costs only $35). Then, I'll started stocking up on potting mix and buying some lovely pots for the garden to upsize some of the plants that need repotting again in the cooler months. 

I have been seriously thinking of putting the Frangipani in the ground - because it's growing so well in the large pot in the corner. It's sprouted 2 more branches since its transplant last Winter! I'm so proud of how it's grown over the Summer. But I'm not happy it also grew poisonous mushrooms which I had to remove. 

Well, can't win them all!

I am looking forward to collecting more pots - not expensive ones - just so that I can divide up the Bromeliads and help them grow better and make the garden look and feel better too. But in truth, I think I need a bigger back yard to make it all work out better too. Or I could start selling Broms... now that would make some money, right? 

Until my next post, keep on gardening.  

Thursday, 22 December 2016

A Stinker of Summer

It's become a real Australian Summer over the last month; and with the storms coming and going, I'm working on making sure my lawn is green and lush - and that's difficult when you have a thief in your unit complex.

Now, I've gotten to a point in my life where I'm not hiding my garden hose anymore. If the thief is going to take my hose, they're going to take it and cut it up into tiny little pieces (and yes, I don't care if they're reading this - I know who they are). But I need to use my garden hose when I want to; not have to stuff arse around with connections for 10 minutes beforehand.

Anyway, the Agapanthus has flowered and so today I've cut the stems off; as the flowers are all gone. The Frangipanni didn't flower at all because I repotted both of them this past Winter and they will need a Summer to become accustomed to their new pots. So, next year, they'll flower - at least they put out leaves; which is promising. 

My brother and his girlfriend is getting a pup from my 14 year old Large Leaf African Jade. It's about a year or so old and looking lovely in its pot. And all they have to do is repot it in a new, bigger pot next Winter - or in the ground - and it'll flourish! 

I do have four others I'm hoping to put into larger pots for when I move out into another place in the next few years.

Anyway, there's others that have flowered this Summer. I'm just hoping it does rain soon... tomorrow, though, I'm hoping to get in and wrap up the Large Leaf Jade pot before it rains. But if it's raining, it doesn't matter... I'll pop it into a rubbish bag and tap it up with a Christmas label on it. No matter what, it'll be given as a present.

Well, that's what's been happening around my place here in Brisbane. How's your garden going? I'm hoping to get more plants next year growing in more pots. The Cardboard Plant is finally happy and sprouting more fronds - if the possums would just stop eating the new growth! But I think I've gotten them to stop that; I'm feeding them bananas. And expensive way of doing it, but at least they're eating something else. Until my next post, happy gardening. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Been Busy Watching

There's a time in a garden when all you do is watch it. I know that sounds really weird, but it's true. 

Throughout Winter, I work my butt off and get my plants repotted, fertilised and looking their best, mow the lawn, pull every weed there is and trim the shrubs nice and tight. Then, as the days begin to turn longer, become warmer, as the thunderstorms begin to turn our way and water our gardens for us more and more, I start to just watch my garden.

Besides that, I also get in and water the lawn more. Because of the dry dry days that haunt Brisbane and Queensland, it's a must to get outside and water the lawn in the early morning and late afternoons. I have a neighbour who works a lot and so I've been watering her lawn as well - yep, sticking my hose over the fence and watering her piece of green doesn't bother me at all; after all, I'm doing mine, so why not?

Right now, the Agapanthus are in full bloom. There were three blooms, but some possums had a go at the third one and killed it - so there's only two left. Then there's the Frangipanni which I repotted into a huge pot to give it some room to move. This year, it won't flower - so I'm looking forward to it doing its thing next year. There's a little one which hasn't bloomed this year either, as I repotted it as well. so, next year, I'll have plenty of flowers around the garden. But this year, it's mainly just greenery.

The Ficus is growing so fast! It's really wonderful as well it's going. I'm impressed it's reaching up the fence so quickly. 

So, besides the lawn looking like a cricket pitch, my garden it looking good. But then, in Summer the lawn always looks like this, unless I keep the water up to it. Until my next post, happy gardening.