Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Kick Back Until Spring

I know that sounds like I don't care, but really, my garden is just like that.

I get in and fix it throughout Winter - repotting, fertilising and doing all the hard work - then by the end of July, I can mow the lawn, pull out the longer weeds and really kick back and look at my work and wait until Spring comes along.

Spring brings along the hotter weather and the bindi's. I get in and pull them out by hand; and they're usually around the clothes line anyway. So, that's a good thing for me to look out for while I'm hanging out the laundry.

And while I'm waiting and watching my garden sleep for a few weeks before the warmth of Spring to arrive, I'm saving up for a few more little things to decorate the yard with... just pretty things really, nothing to make the plants grow. I'm also saving up for an edger to clean up the straggly bits of lawn from the concrete when I mow it.

Otherwise, the garden looks nice. My folks came around to my place on Saturday to help me out with selling my old dining table and Mum was really impressed with how my little garden looked. She was amazed that I get so much done in a few months; and can't wait until Summer to see it all in bloom and happy. 

You know something? I can't wait either. Until my next post, happy gardening.