Wednesday, 5 October 2016

October Is here

Today is my Birthday, which means we're over a week into Spring and my garden has started its annual growing and blooming time.

I've been noticing the Frangipanni has started to push out new leaves from their normally rounded stumps - and seeing I repotted the taller one - I can't wait to see them both get in and flower this year. 

The garden is looking more lovely as time goes by; but I'd love to get in and move to another place where I have more room to move and a bigger garden to play with - I'm not sure when that'll be but I'm looking into that.

Anyway, I've been sitting back and watching the garden after we had a full day of rain over the weekend and it's been loving the cooler nights and warmer days, just as much as I enjoy getting in and mowing the lawn every week, now it's getting hotter.

Well, I don't have too much more to tell. I'm watching the Large Leaf Jade for the next few months because I'm going to get in and give them as Christmas Presents this year - the bigger ones which are a few years old that is; you can't give them too small, but if you do you, it's best to put them into a tiny pot and leave them for about 6 weeks, so they settle properly, then give them away or sell them. 

Until my next post, happy gardening.