Saturday, 10 September 2016

Woohoo! It's Spring!

Spring has arrived here in Australia!

I think... well, it kinda feels like it sometimes, but the night time temperatures are still on the chilly side at times.

The grass is greener, flowers are beginning to bud on my Jatropha and I've just spent three weeks watching a nest of baby Mickey birds grow from bald little, blind things into fully-fledged birds too big for the nest! All the while I was being swooped on by Pappa and Mamma and told off by another one - who that was I'm not sure.

But it was fun to watch the nest and see those lovely little birdies grow so fast in only about two weeks! 

Otherwise, I've been helping out some neighbours fix up their front garden and gave them a Money Plant to get it going along - freeing up one of my pots to plant a Large Leaf Jade that I'm hoping to give to my brother and his family for his garden this Christmas. It's going to be old enough to plant it in the ground once it takes to the pot. 

And this weekend has been great with all this rain! I don't have to water too much. All I have to do is wait and mow the back lawn and keep and eye out for the bindis which usually pop up around this time of year. Well, until my next post, happy gardening!