Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Gardening Journals

I keep a gardening journal - not only online, but also offline - to keep my actions around my garden in print. 

I know this may sound like a finicky thing to do, but if I keep up-to-date what I do with my garden, what I spend on it, how much money goes into it, which plants I buy, how much potting mix is bought and what lives and what doesn't in my garden, I have an idea what I can do with it - and also what I can't do with the garden I have. 

I started my gardening journal I have now in 2013 and it's been going on since. Once in a while, I don't write but then it's when I don't do anything to change the garden; for example this year! 

This year, I've bought a new greenhouse, plants and potting mix, moved a whole lot of plants around, gotten rid of plants I no long need/want in the garden, back-filled other plants and repotted others still which really needed it. But then, I'm looking at buying a few other plants to fill out some gaps which have been created around the garden from the tossed out plants and a lot of herbs to grow for my kitchen.

All of this has been going into my gardening journal; and this is a good thing. I've also written in the aim for my next pay packet - how many bags of potting mix I'll be needing, the big pot I'll be needing next week and another plant I want to buy for the garden... it all goes in there... as aims for my garden. It's all there for a reason and it's so when I look at it next, I know what I want for my garden is for it to flourish next Summer.

Do you keep a gardening journal? Is yours online and offline? Have you got a Facebook group or photo journal to keep yourself on track? I have all of these and the people in the group on Facebook are few, but they get inspiration from what I do in my small garden - they know I don't have a lot of money, nor a lot of space, and yet I make the most of it all. So, do you make the most of your garden and your space? Until my next post, happy gardening. 

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