Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Spring Is Finally Here


Spring has sprung and that means hot hot days and still-cooler nights. But it also means that our gardens are going to burst into flower pretty soon, and I'm looking for the rain to help out with all of this - but it's nowhere to be found!

So, I've had to get out the lawn food, the garden hose and bird seed and help the lawn - which is going really well. It's becoming so well-established as well, seeing the sun is moving around to the other side of the house in the afternoons now.

My Frangipani has pushed out its first leaves and the Agapanthus is looking so lush and green. It's going to have nine flowers this year - and it's in 3 pots now -and so I'm looking forward to seeing them all show off their lovely, bopping purple heads in the sun this year.

But, there's still some things I have to get in and pot up. I have some pots I bought at a local thrift store I'd like to get in and use along the side fence. I also want to seriously save up some dosh and get a screen put up along that side fence for not only privacy, but also to keep the cats out and the people out too. It'll look good too.

And seeing the lawn is going well, I'm hoping to get the compost working again - but not until I move into another place; which might not be until next year. Yeah, I like to make those long-distant plans at this time of year. Well, until my next post, happy gardening.

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