Friday, 11 August 2017

Reseeding the Lawn

I've been busily saving up money for a variety of things of late. But mainly, the lawn hasn't come back from what the Logan City Council guy did to it over Winter - when it's at its most fragile; and the sun doesn't get to it.

So, over the past two fortnights I've been buying lawn seed and lawn food to get it working and back to its lush best for Summer - and so I don't get bindis again too. 

This week, I bought a larger box of lawn seed and some lawn food as well, raked it over and spread the seed as much as I could, then put the food over the top and then watered it in as well. Now, to wait and see how it all goes. I'll have to water it on a regular basis and make sure it works out well. Once it's over 5 - 6cm long, I'll mow it and then keep on watering it again, throw more food on it and keep at it to make sure no weeds grow where lawn was before.

Otherwise, the weather has been weirdly August here. The nights are freezing cold and the days are beginning to feel like Summer - so my plants are pushing out flowers when they're supposed to be still hibernating. I'm also seeing Blue Tongue Lizards around during the day - and even accidentally kicked one the other night. Don't worry, he's okay. I picked him up and checked him over before letting him into the safety of my back yard. Poor little guy! But he wasn't too impressed by my actions, I can tell you!

Anyway, I best be going. There's not much more to tell about the gardening, as the lawn hasn't come in fully. I only reseeded it yesterday, but it's looking good. I might yet throw some bird seed on the bare patches to make it look better over Summer - as that's what I did with my late-bird's seed when she died. Until my next post, happy gardening! 

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