Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Dry! Dry! Dry!

After the termites were treated, we got rain... yeah that'd be bloody right! So, Dad came back and treated them all again, and they were dead and gone!

However, my back neighbours put down astro-turf and have caused those termites to come to my place. What nice neighbours I have, right?

Well, I've been off to Brunswick Heads, hoping that my nice lawn which I've nurtured back to health was going to get a watering by Mother Nature... but when I returned, I found it was almost a desert!

So, I jumped right in and soaked it for 2 days straight in the late afternoon, pulled out a huge amount of weeds and threw away any dead plants... what a bloody disaster!

But it's looking so much better now... and I'm seeing where some plants need to be repotted and others don't.

My sun-loving Bromeliad - the Mother - is in full bloom; and will take a while to show her full colours properly. The Cardboard Plant is throwing out new fronds and there's an icky Globe Spider high up in the Moch Orange shrub - which I have yet to trim. I have tried to hose him out, much to the disdain of my back neighbours, but he hung on tightly to his web and bits of the shrub!

Otherwise, my garden is recovering nicely as I pull it back together after only 3 days being home.

Yep, this Summer is going to be a right scorcher and we have to make sure it doesn't destroy our gardens. Until my next post, keep gardening.

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