Friday, 30 June 2017

My First Bunnings Run For Winter

Today, I was out and about at Bunnings to get a large pot, a bag of stones and 3 bags of potting mix for my first project for Winter.

I'm repotting a pup from the main Large Leaf Jade that I've had growing in my yard for the past 15 years. I'm proud to say the smaller one I'm putting into its own 'Forever Pot' is going to look great! I can't wait for it to get its growth on, but this also means I'll have to move a few of the pots around to give the pot room along the fenceline. 

Anyway, the really big pot was only $16 and I'm thinking of going back to Bunnings and getting another one for the main Large Leaf Jade, as it looks straggly and the last time I backfilled it, it didn't seem to be all that happy after a few weeks. So, I do think it does need another, bigger, pot to really stretch its legs in. 

I'm potting up these two Jades so I have two big Jades to plant out at my next place I call home... then I have two large pots to use as herb pots around my garden. It's not a bad plan really, is it? 

Yep, everything I'm doing now is a precursor to the next few years of my life. The bigger pots will be used for little flowers or roses, or around the corners of my yard for individual, smaller plants - like smaller lime or lemon trees I can use around the place - and then, the next yard can be a mixture of planted and potted plants; simply because my next place of residence will be my forever home. I won't be moving from there. 

I only hope the next people who live in my place see the potential of the back yard like I did, and use it the same - or similar ways. Okay, the pots for the larger plants are getting bigger, but there are smaller plants which will be used later on in a few years. I'm only hoping I can put them in hanging baskets - but that's just something I have a vision of in my imagination. 

Or am I looking too far ahead with this? 

Oh well, we can all dream about the perfect garden, right? And this is why I love gardening... to get it right - eventually - no matter how long it takes me. So, how is your garden going? Have you had anything great happen?  

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