Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Logan Floods Recovery

I didn't write about the floods here, mainly because my place didn't go under in them. I'm not in a flood plains and so I'm one of the fortunate ones.

However, a lot of people weren't so fortunate.

A lot of Beenleigh was flooded, as was Loganlea and any other areas below the Albert and Logan River levels. Yatala Pies went under (which caused them to create a few new pies in honor of Cyclone Debbie) and then there was the clean-up - which is still going on.

There are still people who don't have homes, who are still looking for beloved things they lost during this horrible time.

However, the gardens and a good part of Brisbane's gardens flourished with the rain we got. From my rain gauge, we got over 300ml of rain in just over 48 hours. That's huge! That's about a months' worth of rain in such a short length of time. We were prepared for it. We were told to take care if had to go out. Shops were closed on the first day of the rain by midday and no businesses or school was open by Friday morning (third day in). 

It's been around three weeks later, and school has started up again. Autumn is most definitely here with the cooler nights and warmer - but not hot - days. And yet, our gardens are still pretty. Yesterday, I found huge wasps nest on my down pipe just outside the window of my home office. I don't know how I missed something this huge hanging off my home, but I did. Isn't it a beauty? Well, my landlord is coming around to take care of it in the next day or so.

Otherwise, during the time of the rains, the Egyptian Sage has grown so much! And my Ficus is going so well! I've had to mow the lawn three times... but the Frangipani might need to be cut into two and repotted - I'm not sure. I'll see what I can do, it just seems to lean so much. Until my next post, happy gardening.

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