Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Been Busy Watching

There's a time in a garden when all you do is watch it. I know that sounds really weird, but it's true. 

Throughout Winter, I work my butt off and get my plants repotted, fertilised and looking their best, mow the lawn, pull every weed there is and trim the shrubs nice and tight. Then, as the days begin to turn longer, become warmer, as the thunderstorms begin to turn our way and water our gardens for us more and more, I start to just watch my garden.

Besides that, I also get in and water the lawn more. Because of the dry dry days that haunt Brisbane and Queensland, it's a must to get outside and water the lawn in the early morning and late afternoons. I have a neighbour who works a lot and so I've been watering her lawn as well - yep, sticking my hose over the fence and watering her piece of green doesn't bother me at all; after all, I'm doing mine, so why not?

Right now, the Agapanthus are in full bloom. There were three blooms, but some possums had a go at the third one and killed it - so there's only two left. Then there's the Frangipanni which I repotted into a huge pot to give it some room to move. This year, it won't flower - so I'm looking forward to it doing its thing next year. There's a little one which hasn't bloomed this year either, as I repotted it as well. so, next year, I'll have plenty of flowers around the garden. But this year, it's mainly just greenery.

The Ficus is growing so fast! It's really wonderful as well it's going. I'm impressed it's reaching up the fence so quickly. 

So, besides the lawn looking like a cricket pitch, my garden it looking good. But then, in Summer the lawn always looks like this, unless I keep the water up to it. Until my next post, happy gardening. 

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